Terms and Conditions

The following is the agreement of terms and conditions between us and the person who is making use of our services. Our reliable and excellent Email services will help the person to fix the issues in their email services. But before they decide to utilize our service they have to abide by the terms and conditions given here. The terms of service and conditions mentioned here need to be strictly adhered for smooth operation.

Acceptance of the terms

You must be of the legal age to enter this agreement and accept the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with it please do not use the services. Go through the terms and conditions one by one and accept it to make use of our services.

Description of service

We offer an array of services for managing your Email. If there is any issue with your Email servers our expert team will aid you in it. Your Email maybe for home or office use. We connect with our customers through call and hear the issues they face to fix it. We also have our site where there are tips on how to fix the issues. We work on many popular Email servers and try to resolve the issues. We offer services such as File attachment error, hacking issues, and missing email. These issues are common yet difficult at times to fix. Our experts will know how to solve the errors in your email and will make it work like before and sometimes even better.

Modification of the terms and conditions

We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions. We may do it anytime on the site and it depends on the people visiting the site to go through it before using the service. You might also do not wish to continue the benefit of the service if you find modified terms and conditions terminate it.

Access to service

Only through sites and calls do we offer services to the customers. In order to access our services, you have to visit our site in your devices and web browser. If you prefer you can give us a call through the toll-free number. These are the ways where you can make use of our services. In our site, there are top content and information about the best email services for your benefit. Our tech people are also well-versed in the workings of Email servers to assist you.


If we receive any complaints against the people who make use of our services as part of the service, We will forward the complaint to the legal authorities at the allotted time.

Restrictions of use

You shall not transfer the services we offer to any other party.  There is no permission for posting the links to other sites. Personal and confidential information must not be published without consent. There must not be any violation of the local, state, national and international law.